New security challenges in IoT

Readiness with MQTT and SoftSIM to support the implementation of NIS2 requirements

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), security issues are key in ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and availability. In response to these challenges, we would like to announcethat we will soon implement new features related to the MQTT protocol and SoftSIM technology in our MT-058 devices, thus meeting the latest European Union Directive 2016/1148 – NIS2 requirements.
The MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) communication protocol has long been recognised for effectively transmitting data in the IoT environment. Its implementation into MT-058 devices, is taking place with full consideration of security norms and standards in line with NIS2 requirements. This step will allow the integration of advanced communication functions securely.
The introduction of SoftSIM technology to MT-058 telemetry modules is another milestone towards increased security in the IoT area. Adapted from NIS2 requirements, SoftSIM technology allows remote management and configuration of operator data, while providing full control over access and protection of information.
The extension of the MT-058 module’s functionality is in line with the new NIS2 requirements, which include not only technical aspects, but also risk and liability management. Inventia is committed to creating an IoT environment that is not only innovative, but also meets the highest security standards, which is crucial in an era of rapid development of communication technologies.
The introduction of the MQTT protocol and SoftSIM technology in line with the requirements of NIS2 is our company’s commitment to excellence in IoT security. We believe that these steps are key to creating a trusted and secure ecosystem of IoT devices while meeting the expectations of the new NIS2 regulation.
MT-058 – battery-powered telemetry module