MT-058 – battery-powered telemetry module

  • Integral NB-IoT/ LTE Cat. M1
  • Packet data transmission
  • Option of soldered MIM card replacing the SIM card
  • SMA antenna connector for external antenna
  • IP68 housing (2m for 24h)
  • 5 binary/2 counter inputs
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Built-in battery pack
  • Smart energy management
  • Data logger
  • Remote configuration, update and diagnostics
  • USB-C port for local setup
  • Up to 5 years of operation on the internal battery (time depends on device configuration)
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor mounted outside the housing
  • 1-wire interface for external temperature sensor
  • 3-year warranty

MT-058 is a modern, battery telemetry module built on the basis of a modem supporting energy-saving LTE Cat. M1 and NB-IoT technologies. Thanks to the use of mechanisms offered by these technologies, which reduce the consumption of energy necessary for data transmission, the operation time of the device can be up to 5 years (depending on the conditions and configuration), which effectively reduces the costs of operating and servicing the device. These features make the device an ideal solution for measurement, recording and alarm applications in places without external power supply.

Combined with its compact IP68-rated housing, the device can be used even in harsh environmental conditions, especially when collecting data from water meters, flow meters or in chamber monitoring.

The module has built-in 5 binary inputs, with the ability to configure them as counter inputs, counting pulses with a frequency of up to 250 Hz with min. duration of 2ms, which allow you to read water meters and two-way flowmeters.

At the same time, the inputs can be configured as alarm inputs, where an alarm event will be sent after a change of state, e.g. as a result of opening the door of the teletechnical cabinet, transmitting a signal from an external device.

The module has a built-in Flash memory for the data logger, thanks to which you can manage energy consumption even more effectively, and record data even in the event of a temporary lack of radio signal. Event or cyclical transmission allows you to adjust the operating mode of the device to the user’s needs while optimizing energy consumption. The battery voltage is continuously monitored and communicated along with other measurement data.

The device can use a standard (2FF) SIM card (Subscriber Identification Module), or optionally MIM (Machine Identification Module), soldered at the production stage in the process of surface assembly of electronics, which further increases the reliability of the device.