MT-CPV – smart power unit with battery backup and battery charger

MT-CPV is a power supply unit with 3.6 VDC nominal output voltage designed for powering battery powered telemetry modules. It can operate with 12V solar panels (17VDC output at max power point). Energy drawn from solar panel is storage in Li-Ion battery used then to power module.

Power unit and battery should be installed inside telemetry module. Output voltage terminals of MT-CPV should be connected to battery connector of telemetry module.

MT-CPV is using processor controlled maximum power tracking (MPPT) system increasing efficiency of energy drawing from solar panel.

MT-CPV can also use different energy sources to power telemetry module. Those can be wind turbine generator, mains power supply, car battery, alkaline battery pack and other providing that they provide voltage within 7.5 – 30 VDC range.

Power unit is providing information about energy drawn from +VIN terminal (battery) using pulses on QA output ( 1 pulse = 1mAh) and information about voltage between terminals +VIN and –VIN (battery voltage) using pulses on QV output (voltage = pulse frequency * 6).

Technical data

Idx Parameter Value
1. Dimensions 60 mm x 56 mm x 15 mm
2. Installation Inside MT-713 enclosure
3. Input voltage VIN 7.5 – 30.0 VDC
4. PU efficiency ~ 70 %
5. Supported battery type Li-Ion 3.6 V
6. Max charging current 0.7 A
7. Full charge voltage 4.15 V
8. Current drawn by MT-CPV from battery when  mains power supply is not available < 100 µA