Company’s mission and quality policy

The company’s mission is to provide to a wide range of recipients worldwide constantly improved, ahead of competitive development technical solutions that form the basis of modern, wireless data transmission systems for telemetry of stationary and mobile objects. We implement the company’s mission by creating and supplying comprehensive hardware and software solutions that use the latest technological developments in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

The main objective of Inventia sp. z o.o. is to meet the needs of customers by:

  • Constructing, producing and supplying high-quality modern products, such as:
    • telemetry modules,
    • location modules,
    • specialized electronic devices
  • Development of modern software tools and system software
  • Providing technical support, consultations, training and other services related to the offered products


Quality Policy Inventia Sp. z o.o. realizes through:

  • Monitoring of customer satisfaction
  • improving employees qualifications
  • adaptation of the offer to the client’s needs
  • improving the design and production process as well as pre-sale and after-sales services.

The confirmation of products and services quality offered by Inventia sp. z o.o. is a declaration that the quality management system developed and implemented is compliant with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Members of the Board
Warsaw, February 2009