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Inventia is a global vendor of telemetry and location tracking devices based on 2G/LTE, LTE Cat. M1, NB-IoT, GPS/GNSS and LTE450 technologies. Founded in 2001 and located in Warszawa, Poland, Inventia has become one of the leaders in professional telemetry and control. Scope of the offer includes not only telemetry and localization modules but also open architecture solutions based on proven industrial standards. Inventia delivers easy to use configuration and system integration tools providing open connectivity to customer SCADA systems, relational data bases and data management systems.

The market success results not only from the high quality products and their innovative functionality, but also from the consequently implemented concept of solutions that are freely configurable by the user. Our products are designed and developed by team of industrial automation, telecommunication and IT specialists with long-term engineering experience.

Who we are?

We are a team

Over 60 employees: engineers, IT specialists and experts supporting customer service. Common professional activity and constant development of the staff ensure the best effect.

Inventia delivers

telemetry and location devices based on the cutting-edge technologies. Our offer also includes: open scalable telemetric systems equipped with configuration and integration tools that provide connection to SCADA systems, relational databases, data management and analysis systems.

Network of authorized partners

and independent integration companies is actively implementing Inventia’s telemetry solutions in various industries

About us

Inventia is a global provider of telemetry and localization devices based on GSM / GPRS and GPS technologies. More>>

Awards and Honors

Inventia has received many awards and honors for both products and the overall activity. More>>

Quality policy

The main goal of Inventia Sp. z o.o. is satisfying the customers’ needs More>>

What makes us different

Inventia is primarily a team of people who can rely on themselves, integrate and support each other.
Ewa Gosławska: Marketing manager
The experience gained in constructing modules for various industry sectors allows us to adjust the offer to the specific requirements of the client.
Artur Wiśniewski: Chief Technology Officer
We use the latest achievements of technic and technology to create optimal solutions that manage to change the daily work of many industries.
Jerzy Białousz: President

Inventia provides services and products of the highest quality. This is possible thanks to the continuous improvement of the design and production process, as well as investing in the development and improvement of the staff competences. Customer satisfaction is constantly monitored. The company’s partners receive not only products and solutions, but also technical support while choosing the module as well as during its implementation.



A promotional campaign for SIMOn telemetry cards is running during July and August 2024! Every purchase will receive a 10% discount!

Please be advised that the promotion will run from 1 July 2024 to 31 August 2024.
It applies to the new activations only and does not include additional services such as transport or assignment, etc.

More information about the SIMOn telemetry cards!

We are introducing a new price list effective 1 February 2024.

The unstable political and economic situation we are experiencing in Europe and globally is leading to a continuous increase in production and supply costs. In recent months, we have seen price increases of several percent for key raw materials, components, and services. In addition, with inflation persisting for more than a year, an increase in labour-related costs is inevitable. However, to continue to provide products and services of the highest quality, we are consistently managing costs and investing ambitiously in further optimization measures.

Despite our efforts, however, we are forced to adjust the prices of selected products.

As a result, we plan to introduce a new price list effective 1 February 2024. Thanks to the measures taken, a significant part of the prices have remained unchanged and we have increased the prices of some products by the minimum necessary to cover the increased costs.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that all previous discount conditions and prices resulting from signed contracts and commercial agreements remain unchanged.

If order confirmations, quotations or invoices differ from what has been agreed, please get in touch with Customer Services to clarify the discrepancy.

Please feel free to contact the sales department:

New programming environment in Inventia's telemetry modules!

We have started a new era in the development of telemetry modules programmed in CODESYS®. Now already 4 modules in Inventia’s range have this modern execution environment, making these solutions combine advanced technical features and easy operation.

These include: MT-121, MT-221, MT-151 LED and MT-151 HMI.

You can read about what telemetry modules have gained with CODESYS software at inventia.online
More information about the MT-121 controller What can the new MT-221 communication gateway do? MT-151 HMI – CODESYS® programmable telemetry controller MT-151 LED – CODESYS® programmable telemetry controller

New battery-operated MT-718 - energy-efficient telemetry logger with IP68

MT-718 is a new version of a battery-operated measurement, recording and transmission module for applications in demanding environmental conditions without access to a power source. Like other modules of the MT family, it is characterized by innovative solutions, ease of self-configuration and integration with data collection and processing systems. The module’s self-initiated data transmission capabilities (so-called spontaneous or event-driven transmission) minimize transmission costs and power consumption, contributing to longer battery life.

Examples of applications of the MT-718 battery module:

  • Monitoring of water supply and heating networks
  • Water leakage detection
  • Remote reading of utility consumption
  • Flood warning systems
  • Level monitoring of rainwater reservoirs
  • Remote level monitoring of rivers and water reservoirs
  • Remote geological measurements
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Track monitoring systems
  • Monitoring of brine production
  • Flow and pressure monitoring in water supply networks
More information about new battery-operated MT-718 module

Crazy price per MT-723!

We start selling telemetry modules MT-723 at the CRAZY PRICE!

Call your local distributor!

The quantity of modules is limited!
The promotion lasts until stocks last!

The MT-723 module can be installed in very difficult environmental conditions, in damp places, exposed to steam condensation or even flooding with water up to a deapth of 10 m.

Click for more information

Collection of modules being withdrawn from the offer

Ladies and Gentlemen,
we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new generation telemetry modules that will replace the units withdrawn from the offer.

More information about the changes in Inventia's product portfolio
Years on the market
Sold modules
Inventia in numbers
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Module types

TELEMETRON - English edition


Telemetron Magazine

Dear Readers,

This is the tenth edition of the telemetry magazine that we present to you. We are honoured to have been able to provide you for so many years with new information about professional telemetry and tracking solutions based on GSM/GPRS/3G/4G and GPS mobile technology. […]

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TELEMETRON English edition

Dear Customers,

We are giving you the next issue of TELEMETRON magazine informing about new solutions, products and implementations in telemetry, telematics and remote location, using mobile technologies GPRS / 3G / LTE and GPS. According to the new market trends, […]

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Dear Customers,

With great pleasure, we have prepared the next issue of the Telemetron magazine, where we can share with you information about our new projects, solutions, and implementations of telemetry systems, telematics, industrial internet of things (IIoT) […]

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Inventia IoT solutions

Inventia is a global supplier of telemetry and location devices based on mobile technologies (LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT, LTE450): RTU modules, PLC telecontrollers, communication gateways, recorders, battery solutions.Inventia owes its success to the interdisciplinary knowledge of a team of engineers with many years’ experience in various fields: industrial automation, information technology and telecommunications.

A list of company materials to be downloaded to your computers and mobile devices.

All issues of telemetry magazines, company leaflets, catalog cards, a summary of tabular telemetry data in pdf files that allow you to access information about our offer.