ML-941 – energy saving GPS/GPRS location module

  • Specialized module for localization and monitoring of animals living under supervision
  • The smallest module in the offer
  • Integral, 50 channels GPS receiver with highest sensitivity (-162 dBm) SuperSense® technology
  • Integral, quad-band GSM modem (on request 2G/NB-IoT/Cat. M1)
  • 1 binary/supply output *
  • Large 30k records data logger
  • Serial port (1,8 V)
  • Configuration via SMS
  • 3 axis accelerometer

* optional

Energy saving location module ML-941 is a specialized telemetry module dedicated to monitor wild animals, farm animals and other mobile objects.

Module’s design is based on latest GPS/GSM technologies securing precise location and reliable operation in changing GSM propagation conditions.

The module is manufactured as OEM without dedicated housing.

  • 1 binary/supply output
  • Main supply input with voltage monitoring
  • Real Time Clock
  • 30k records logger with option of expanding to 60k
  • Cyclical location computing based on received GPS signals
  • Detection of missing GPS signal
  • Reporting according to defined criteria of time, motion, activity
  • Logging of information when GSM communication is not available
  • Transmission modes
    – GPRS – packet transmission
    – SMS
  • Transmitting information according to time schedule
  • Configurable home and roaming transmission parameters
  • Dynamic SMS compilation allowing sending current measurement data
  • Adjustable SMS transmission limit
  • Remote configuration via GPRS/SMS – the module is preconfigured by manufacturer
  • Configurable access security list for IP addresses and phone numbers
  • Monitoring of power supply voltage
  • Monitoring of internal parameters state
  • 3-axis accelerometer
    – motion detection
    – activity detection
  • Optional silicone rubber molding to achieve IP65 ingress protection
  • Reed-switch activated storage mode
  • LED module’s status indicator
  • Serial port for configuration. Optionally it can be used to communicate with external devices.