GSM/GPRS telemetry modules


Few years ago the fast progress of mobile telephony was driven only by voice and SMS technologies. This changed when GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) services were introduced enabling packet data transmission (like in Ethernet network) in GSM environment. The barrier for GPRS technology applications in the professional telemetry systems was the lack of devices with capabilities of: direct connection to input/output signals, direct communication with measuring instruments (e.g., air or water analysers, flow meters, energy meters, PLC controllers), long term data logging and easy configuration by the user himself. Standard GSM/GPRS modems do not meet such requirements.

To satisfy the market needs, the engineers from AB-MICRO and INVENTIA developed the freely user-configurable MT family of telemetry modules based on the GPRS technology for wireless data transmission. The most universal design is the MT-101 module with embedded functionality of GSM/GPRS modem, PLC, data logger and transmission protocols converter. The MT telemetry modules log automatically onto the GPRS network after power up, and then, without external sequence of AT commands, execute the required functions defined by the user with intuitive software tools. The MT modules quickly won the recognition not only in Poland (Gold Medal on AUTOMATICON Fair, Grand Prix on WODKAN Fair), but worldwide as well in: Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, USA, Greece, Croatia, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Tunisia, South Africa, Italy, Hungary and Lithuania.

The MT telemetry modules allow effective application of GPRS technology in the modern telemetry and telematics systems, as an attractive to the older, radiomodem based systems:

  • without special permissions,
  • without complicated antenna systems,
  • without distance limitations,
  • without network topology limitations,
  • without huge investments,
  • without long lasting implementation process,
  • without problems.

INVENTIA created complete offer for telemetry market, that includes telemetry equipment, software tools, telemetry SIM cards with static IP addresses, private APNs, telemetry WEB portal, advisory and training services, sales and implementation services performed by more than 40 authorised partners worldwide.