Project TELEMETRIA.PL – complete telemetry solution is a comprehensive offer of devices, software and services in the field of wireless remote measurement, registration, control, diagnostics and location systems using GSM / GPRS / GPS technology.

Inventia is a global supplier of telemetry and vehicle tracking products based on GSM 2G/3G/LTE and GPS mobile technologies. Founded in 2001 and located in Warszawa, Poland, Inventia has become one of the leaders in professional GPRS telemetry having sold over 140 000 telemetry and vehicle tracking modules to 65 countries in the world.  Success of Inventia has been built by team of industrial automation, telecommunication and IT specialists with long-term engineering experience. Inventia is a reliable supplier with certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Scope of the offer includes not only hardware but also open architecture solutions based on proven industrial standards. Inventia delivers easy to use configuration and system integration tools providing open connectivity to customer SCADA systems, relational data bases and data management systems.

INVENTIA is a reliable supplier with implemented Certified Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

  • We provide technical support, design consultations, training and service. The group of over 40 authorized partner companies ensures the implementation of turnkey systems in various industries.
  • Technical consultancy
  • Training and technical support in the field of the offered solutions
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Pilot implementations
  • Designing dedicated devices

The offer of professional telemetry and location systems –


  • Monitoring and control modules from the economic series
  • Monitoring and control modules from the professional series, enabling the implementation of local control programs and communication with external devices
  • Battery-operated, energy-saving measuring and recording devices
  • Battery location devices with the ability to monitor basic vehicle parameters (fuel level, door opening, engine operation)
  • Modems and routers, antennas, cables, spare batteries, sensors and measuring transducers, buffer power supplies
  • Communication gates, converters and I / O extensions
  • Telemetry SIM cards with a static IP address in APN


  • Software to remote and local configuration and for programming modules
  • Software to remote management of energy-saving modules
  • Communication software for data collection by a telemetry module, modem, router or Internet. The software provides data through standard
  • PC interfaces, ODBC (direct write to a relational database) and through CSV files
  • Visualization, archiving and reporting software
  • Internet Data Portal visualization platform


  • Flat-rate telemetry tariffs for data transmission in APN
  • Internet portal
  • Data hosting
  • Complete system applications implemented by the network of Authorized Partners

The main areas of telemetry and location modules applications:

Water and sewage management, environment protection, heat and professional power industry, transport, facilities protection, agriculture and horticulture

Example applications:

  • Monitoring and control of pumping stations
  • Monitoring of gas reduction stations
  • Remote reading of media consumption (water, heat, gas, electricity)
  • Non-contact temperature control of elements in the electrical switchboards
  • Location of vehicles and containers
  • Measurement of water level (in wells, water intakes, rivers)
  • Measurement of water tanks filling
  • Monitoring of overhead transmission lines
  • Monitoring of lifts operations, monitoring of temperature and humidity in silos, data transmission from meteorological stations
  • Air pollution measurements
  • Monitoring parameters and control of the cathodic protection installation of pipelines, tanks and other metal structures buried in the ground or immersed in water
  • Large scale irrigation systems for crops, fruit and vegetable farms, forest areas and gardens