Cables and wires

Cables for connecting signals, programming, configuration and antenna cables.

  • MT-USB – USB configuration cable (1,5 m, A/B) for MT-020, MT-021, MT-151 (previous version), MT-512, MT-713
  • MT-USB-MICRO – USB configuration cable (0,5 m, A/micro-B) for MT-151 v2, MT-331, MT-331 3G, MT-651, MT-652, MT-713 v2
  • MT-USB-MINI – USB configuration cable (0,5 m, A/mini-B) for MT-051
  • MT-RS – RS-232 configuration cable for MT-101, MT-202, EX-101
  • MT-RS2USB – configuration cable RS-232 – 2 – USB for MT-101, MT-202, EX-101
  • USB-RS-TTL – USB to RS TTL cable used for ML-231 configuration
  • 723-CBL-USB – supply cable 2m with USB IP68 2m
  • 723-CBL-PS-2M – supply cable 2m with IP68 plug
  • 723-CBL-4P-2M – I/O cable 2m with 4-pin IP68 plug
  • 723-CBL-6P-2M – I/O cable 2m with 6-pin IP68 plug
  • 723-CBL-8P-2M – I/O cable 2m with 8-pin IP68 plug