GSM/GPS antennas

We offer different antenna types for the telemetry and location tracking modules. The antennas can be installed directly on the module or connected by cables. They can be equipped with magnetic or screw mounts. Our offer includes flat antennas for mounting on control cabinets, directional antennas with high gain and special purpose antennas.

  • 713v2-ANT-SMA – internal GSM antenna with SMA connector for MT-723 v2 module
  • 713v2-SMB2SMA – SMB to SMA antenna connector converter (pigtail) for MT-713 v2
  • 723-ANT-SMB – direct mounting GSM antenna with SMB IP68 connector
  • 723-GSMA-SMB-3M – GSM antenna with 3 m cable and SMB IP68 connector
  • 723-GPSA-SMB-3M – GPS antenna with 3 m cable and SMB IP68 connector
  • MINI-PT DUAL-A – angle (90 deg) antenna for direct mounting
  • MINIMAG DUAL 3M – vertical magnetic antenna with 3 m cable
  • TELESAT-2 DUAL – heavy duty disk antenna with axial screw and connector for antenna cable
  • EC-LOG – logarythmic, directional antenna 12 dBi with 10 m cable
  • CMD 12 dBi – vertical antenna 12 dBi with 5 m cable