User Account – means the Customer panel, individual for each User, launched after Registration;

Newsletter – a message sent to the e-mail address provided by the User or as a part of the AGREUS® System application, with the frequency set by the Administrator, containing information, promotional and/or advertising content of the Administrator and/or services offered by the Administrator, in particular, commercial information (including marketing);

Regulations – these website regulations;

Registration – means an actual act performed in the way specified in the Regulations of the Website, required for the User to use the User Account;

Website – website

Access to the AGREUS® System – a separate place on the Website for Users of after setting up an Account in the System and paying the subscription fee; access service provided by the Administrator to the user of the AGREUS® System;

User – a person with legal capacity (in cases specified by law, also a person with limited legal capacity), a person performing a business activity, or a legal person for whom, following the Regulations of the Website and the law, electronic services may be provided; including enabling the maintenance of a User Account via the AGREUS® System application page;

Administrator – an entity that is the legal owner of the website, here: Inventia Sp. z o.o., Poleczki 23, 02-822 Warsaw, VAT ID 951-20-17-534.



The Administrator provides its services based on these Regulations. Entering the Website and using the content posted on it is tantamount to accepting its provisions.

A User who does not accept the provisions of the Regulations should leave the Website.



All intellectual property rights, in particular the copyrights and trademark rights concerning all texts, illustrations, photos, sounds, and other materials posted on the Website are the property of the Administrator or are subject to permission for their use by their owner.

Without the prior consent of the Administrator, the User may not:

  1. Use (copies/parts of) the Website or the markings placed in its content for commercial purposes;
  2. Modify (parts of) the Website or incorporate it into the content of other works (such as paper documents, blogs, or third-party websites).



The administrator provides the following services:

  1. Displaying content and information about the Administrator, including services and contact details;
  2. Possibility to contact the Administrator via the contact form;
  3. Maintenance of the User Account;
  4. Provision of the Newsletter service.

Access to the website is free of charge.

The contract for the provision of services specified in the Regulations is concluded between the Administrator and the User for an indefinite period. The User may resign from using the services specified in the Regulations at any time.

Resignation from the services specified in the Regulations takes place using:

  1. Notification of cancellation, in the case of an Account service a request for cancellation of the Account, to the Administrator in writing sent to the Administrator’s address or by e-mail to be sent to;
  2. Clicking on the deactivation link received in the content of the e-mail sent to the User (in the case of the Newsletter service).



Technical requirements necessary to use the Services:

  1. A computer, laptop, or other multimedia devices with Internet access;
  2. Access to e-mail service;
  3. Current web browser: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge;
  4. Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024×768.



In order to gain access to the “Area for Registered Users”, it is necessary to fill in the registration form and agree to provide commercial information electronically, accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. After registering a User Account, the User will receive a link confirming the establishment of the Account to the email address entered in the form.

After logging into the “Area for Registered Users”, the User gets access to the following documents:

  1. contents of the MT-USB key – datasheets, manuals,;
  2. current versions of utility software;
  3. current versions of firmware for each telemetry module from the Administrator’s offer;
  4. technical documentation – manuals, datasheets, certificates;
  5. application notes, presentations;
  6. add-ons – our programs for reading module resources.

The User is entitled to use the above-mentioned Documents for his own use, to the extent specified in the Regulations, the license granted and the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

The User may enter the Documents into the memory of electronic devices and read them with the help of such devices.

Upon registration of the Account, the User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license (including the right to authorize others to use the Documents within the scope of the license granted) to use the above-mentioned Documents, including the right to use the author’s economic rights, without limitation as to territory and time, in the following fields of exploitation:

  1. Multiple copying and its recording by digital technique in the memory of multifunctional devices;
  2. Permanent or temporary reproduction of the Documents in whole or in part, by digital technique, by printing technique, to the extent that, for the display, reproduction or storage of the Documents, its reproduction is necessary;
  3. Permanent or temporary display, reproduction or storage of the Documents by digital technique.

The User is not authorized to:

  1. Market or distribute the Documents or portions thereof, including renting the Documents or copies thereof or lending them;
  2. Sublicense the Documents (including the right to authorize others to use the Documents);
  3. Interfere with the content of the Documents, make changes to the file, including fixing any errors in the file;
  4. Remove technical protection of the Documents;
  5. Use the Documents for commercial purposes.

If the Administrator discovers that the actions of the User, or third parties acting on behalf of or in agreement with the User, infringe the copyright of the Documents, the User may seek redress for the damage caused on general principles.



Ordering and unsubscribing from the Newsletter is done by means of online tools available on the Website or in the content of electronic messages addressed to the User at the electronic mail address provided by the User.

To order and use the Newsletter, the User should consent to the transmission of commercial messages by electronic means during the registration of the Account, and then confirm the consent by clicking on the link confirming the establishment of the Account and consent to the transmission of commercial messages by electronic means, sent to the User at the e-mail address indicated by the User during the Account registration.

Acceptance of the Newsletter service by the User in the manner specified in the provisions of the Regulations is at the same time tantamount to/with:

  1. Submission by the User of a statement that the data made available in the form are truthful. Providing data that is not true entitles the Administrator to discontinue providing the Newsletter service to the User;
  2. Authorization of the Administrator to process personal data in order to provide the Newsletter service.



The Administrator is entitled to take breaks or disruptions in the availability and use of the Website if it is caused by:

  1. The need to repair, upgrade, modify, or maintain hardware or software;
  2. Reasons beyond the Administrator’s control (force majeure, actions, or omissions of third parties).

The administrator is not responsible:

  1. For non-performance or improper performance of the services specified in the Regulations, if it is caused by third parties (in particular telecom operators, providers of telecommunications lines and electricity);
  2. For damages caused by the User’s actions or omissions, in particular for using the services specified in the Regulations in a way inconsistent with applicable law and the provisions of the Regulations, and for damages resulting from providing incomplete or untrue data.

The Administrator may refuse to provide the services specified in the Regulations if it is justified by security reasons and in other cases specified in the Regulations or resulting from the provisions of applicable law.

The administrator reserves the right to:

  1. Extensions and/or changes of the software enabling the use of services specified in the Regulations;
  2. Changes in the graphic design and/or layout of websites predetermined for the provision of services specified in the Regulations.

The Administrator is entitled to block access to the User Account and other paid services if the User acts to the detriment of the Administrator or performs activities inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations or the law, and when blocking access to the User Account is justified by security reasons – in particular: breaking the security of the Website by the User, unauthorized access to the application or other hacking activities. Blocking access to the User Account for the above-mentioned reasons lasts for the period necessary to resolve the issue constituting the basis for blocking access to the User Account. The Customer will be notified of blocking access to the Account by e-mail to the address provided by himin the registration form.



The User may submit complaints regarding matters related to the use of the services specified in these Regulations to the e-mail address

The administrator is obliged to consider the complaint within 14 days of receiving the complaint.

If the submitted complaint contains deficiencies that prevent it from being considered, the Administrator may request the User to complete it, specifying the deadline, not shorter than 7 days and the scope of this supplement, with the instruction that failure to complete the complaint within the indicated period will result in leaving the complaint without consideration. After the ineffective expiry of the deadline, the complaint is left without consideration.

The response to the complaint is sent by the Administrator to the e-mail address indicated by the User.



The Administrator is the User’s Personal Data Administrator. Details regarding the processing of data can be found in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

In case of comments, doubts, and/or willingness to submit a complaint regarding the processing of data, please send information to the Data Protection Specialist at the e-mail address



In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular, the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services and the Act of 23 April 1964 by the Civil Code. The competent court to settle disputes arising from the provision of services is the court competent for the registered office of the Administrator.

The Regulations are available on the Website and in a paper version at the Administrator’s office.

The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of services in connection with the upgrading or reconstruction the Website or with maintenance work of the ICT system on which the Website operates.

The Administrator reserves the right to change the Regulations. The changes come into force at the time indicated by the Administrator, but not earlier than 7 calendar days after their announcement. The changes to the Regulations will not limit the User’s previously guaranteed rights unless these changes are the result of factors beyond the Administrator’s control.

The Regulations come into force on 15-02-2023.