MT-102 – Telemetry module for on-line monitoring and local control

  • GSM/GPRS packet transmission
  • Integral GSM 850/900/1800/1900 modem with automatic login onto GPRS network
  • Binary inputs and outputs (8)
  • Analog inputs 4-20 mA (6)
  • Serial communication port for external devices (RS-232/422/485), isolated
  • Data logger with 0,1 sec. resolution
  • RTC Real Time Clock
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Standard communication protocols (MODBUS RTU, GAZMODEM, M-BUS, NMEA 0183)
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Easy configuration software
  • FlexSerial mode for program based protocol handling

Telemetry Module MT-102 is a professional device combining functionality of programmable logic controller, data logger, protocol converter and wireless communication interface for GPRS packet transmission over GSM network. Compact, robust design, integral

GSM modem, attractive technical features and easy to use configuration tools are important advantages of MT-102 in wireless, scalable, multinode systems for telemetry, control, diagnostic, surveillance and alarming.

  • 8 configurable binary outputs / inputs / counters 24 V DC (Q1 – Q8)
  • 2 optoisolated fast analog inputs 4-20 mA (1,5 % acc./10 bit res.) with configurable hysteresis and filtration
  • 4 optoisolated analog inputs 4-20 mA with configurable hysteresis and conversion time (U/f conversion, accuracy 0,5%)
  • Internal registers, flags and constants available to internal user program
  • Isolated serial port RS-232/485/422
  • Firmware Flash memory with remote update capability
  • RTC with external synchronization functions
  • Transmission modes:
    • GPRS – packet transmission
    • SMS
    • CSD – circuit switched data transmission (in modem mode only)
  • All internal resources accessible with standard Modbus RTU protocol
  • Intelligent packet routing and Multimaster in Modbus RTU mode
  • Packet broadcasting or intelligent routing in transparent mode
  • All binary inputs configurable as counters or frequency-to-analog converters (0 – 2 kHz)
  • Programmable control functions using I/O’s and configurable, event triggered flags (SMS sending, data sending / logging, output control, call in)
  • Unsolicited messaging on input/flag change, analog signal alarm level crossing or logical function evaluation.
  • Event triggered Data Logger
  • Dynamic SMS text insertion
  • Simple, multipoint (4) alarm configuration for both binary and analog inputs
  • Additional manual alarm level setting capability for analog inputs A1, A2 (front panel push buttons)
  • Serial port emulated protocol in GPRS mode:
    – MODBUS RTU (Master and Slave)
    – Transparent, intelligent modem
  • External module resource mapping to internal registers for data transmission improvement and event triggering
  • Multibroadcast for transparent mode
  • Remote (via GPRS) configuration and programming
  • Configurable access security – IP and Tel. list, optional password
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Power supply 12/24 V DC, 24 V AC
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Diagnostic LED’s (status, GSM transmission activity, GSM signal level, GPRS activity, serial communication activity, I/O status)