MT-723PT – energy saving IP-68 logger with integrated pressure gauge

  • SMS and GSM/GPRS packet transmission
  • Integral GSM 850/900/1800/1900 modem with autonomous GPRS login procedures
  • 6 binary/counter inputs for potential free contacts (for instance, pulse outputs from flow meters)
  • 2 analogue inputs 0–5 VDC with configurable alarm thresholds and hysteresis
  • Built in pressure gauge 0 – 10 Bar (other ranges optional)
  • 2 controlling outputs
  • Latched 0-5 VDC voltage supply for external analogue sensors
  • Shock sensors (detecting intrusion)
  • Intelligent data logger (4 MB Flash memory max. 10 000 records)
  • Configurable schedules and events initiating measurements and data transmission
  • Real Time Clock RTC
  • External power supply 7–30 VDC (alkaline or lithium batteries, accumulators, solar panels, permanent supply)
  • Intelligent power management
  • USB Port (IP68) for local configuration
  • IP68 cabinet and connectors, circuits molded in protective gel
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • SMB IP-68 antenna socket
  • Operating temperature -20° to +55 °C
  • Intuitive, user friendly configuration and communication applications.
  • Application for remote control via GPRS network
  • Remote firmware updates

MT-723 PT logger and transmission module has highest grade of protection in harsh environment. As other modules of MT family it is known for innovative design, advanced technologies and for ease of configuration and integration in data collection and processing systems. Spontaneous data transmission on event occurrence allow minimizing transmission costs and energy consumption thus prolonging battery life time. However it is possible to set up device to stay online permanently or for desired time thus allowing to poll both current, logged or both types of data asynchronously from module. Simple, robust design enclosed in polycarbonate housing with IP-68 ingress protection class allows installation in harsh environment where there is no supply of electricity (like for instance water supply systems measuring chambers).

The module may be powered from alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, lead batteries, solar panels or from power lines.

The level of power supply is constantly monitored and reported along with measurement data. Internal lithium battery secures pulse counting on inputs I1–I6 secures RTC clock function and alarm transmission in case of main supply failure.

MT-723 PT is equipped with: 6 binary/counter inputs (adapted to work with potential free contacts for water consumption meter), 2 analogue inputs allowing measuring various parameters like pressure, temperature, level, humidity. The module has a pressure gauge with quick coupling allowing comfortable connection with pressure hose. Extremely low power consumption is achieved by deactivating GPRS/GSM modem when not transmitting and using latched power supply output for external analogue sensors or for controlling power supply to external equipment only for measuring time. Measurement data may be registered with precise time stamp in non volatile Flash memory either by schedule or on event.

The module can beyond measuring issue alerts in case of mechanical shock, submersion, unauthorized chamber opening, lack of flow, too high flow, high pressure, high level, temperature, humidity etc.

The configuration environment and communication application with open OPC/ODBC/CSV interfaces and an application for remote management via GPRS network comes free of charge with the purchase of the module. The user may unrestricted use new firmware versions thanks to capability of remote upgrading.

  • 6 binary/counter inputs compatible with potential free contacts (e.g. pulse outputs for water meters
  • 2 analogue 0-5 VDC inputs with configurable alarm thresholds and hysteresis
  • Built-in pressure gauge 0 -10 Bar (other ranges optional)
  • Keyed power supply 0-5 VDC for external analogue converters
  • Vibration sensor (detection of intrusion)
  • Intelligent data logger
  • RTC real time clock
  • External power supply 7-30 VDC
  • 32 elements array with logic and arithmetic functions
  • USB port (IP68) for local configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • IP68 enclosure and connectors, electronics covered by protective gel
  • SMB IP68 antenna socket
  • GSM/GPRS packet transmission and SMS messaging
  • Configurable binary inputs/outputs and analogue inputs
  • Pressure measurement based on built-in pressure sensor with standard range 0-10 bar (other ranges on request)
  • Data recording on internal flash memory
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade (OTA)
  • Counter inputs
  • Configurable access security – list of authorized IPs and tel. numbers, optional password
  • Configurable SMS messages triggered by alarm and scheduled
  • Dynamic fields in SMS text
  • Event based transmission (unsolicited messaging) triggered by change of binary input stage, internal flag state)
  • Configurable alarm levels, hysteresis, deadband and filtration for analog inputs
  • Built-in advanced auto-diagnostics
  • RTC with external synchronization functions
  • Wall mounted, ABS housing, IP68 protection class
  • External power supply 7-30 VDC
  • Optional GPS receiver for localization
  • User friendly configuration tools and communication driver